About Us

Our Story

Cocobelle Baby was established in 2017 by husband and wife team Al & Ann-Mari after searching tirelessly to find a product that would effectively help cure their baby daughter’s eczema. Having spent a great deal of time and money trying all different types of baby products they eventually agreed that none really worked well enough, and noticed that some even had the tendency to make their daughter's eczema worse.

As long-standing advocates of natural products and always wishing to avoid the use of chemical-based products on their baby’s sensitive skin, they finally discovered coconut oil – nature’s own skin-nourishing moisturiser. However it quickly became apparent that there were many different types and grades of coconut oil available, and some worked better than others. The couple went on to test a wide range of coconut oils over many months until they eventually found a premium mild and gentle organic coconut oil that felt beautiful on the skin and most importantly worked great for their daughter.

And so Cocobelle Baby was born, here to help all those other mums and dads care for their baby’s tender skin with a completely natural and organic product.  

Our Name

The name Cocobelle is a fusion of words inspired by one of our core ingredients - Coconuts - and the little lady herself, our founders' baby girl, Annabelle.


We really hope you enjoy using our product and see the same benefits we did with our daughter!

Al & Ann-Mari
Founders of Cocobelle Baby